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Powered by GPT4. App localization has never been easier.

macOS 11+

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Translate using context

Picture of localization fine-tuning

Providing Translation Context Through Comments for Enhanced Accuracy

Do not translate

I18n Studio is the name of the application and should not be translated.


Describe the usage scenario of the content that needs to be translated.


Capitalize the first letter of all words.


Use your imagination,customize your various translation needs with simple descriptions.


Seamless integration with Xcode,VSCode and Android Studio.
Make translating JSON files, XML files, Localizable.strings files and String Catalog files effortless.


Complete translation in multiple languages in just 1 minute.

Translate Value

Click the button next to a value to complete the translation of that value.

Translate Key

Click the button next to Key to translate a value to all other languages.

Translate Language

Click the button on a column to complete the translation of the entire language.

Translate All

Click the button at the top to complete translations for all languages.


Picture of localization workflow


Load multi-language files.


Batch translation into target languages


Write to multi-language files.

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macOS 11+

Use You Own API Key